There’s no doubt that perfume purchases are costly and are certainly a major beauty investment. Now, the key is to not only frequently wear your perfume but also appropriate apply it to the necessary areas and in the right ways. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to apply perfume! Here are a few simple tips that you can incorporate into your morning spritzes for long-lasting, best smelling perfume throughout your day.

1. Find the perfume that perfectly blends with your body chemistry

Finding a scent that you not only enjoy, but also works flawlessly with your body chemistry can be hard to come by. Thankfully, this first yet tricky step to perfume application has been made easier by the beauty industry because you no longer have to buy an entire bottle to try just one scent. Major retailers like Sephora now offer scent sampler packages that allow you to try out 14 samples at a time so that you can truly land on the one that you love. To figure out if a perfume is the right one for you, spritz a little on your wrist and let it be for at least 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, come back to the scent and see if it still smells the same as or better than it originally did!

2. Know the “pulse points”

Perfumes work best when the fragrance is applied to the pulse points on your body. These points are typically the spots on the body that have the thinnest skin – think the underside of your wrist, behind the ear, at the base of your throat, and even in your inner elbow. These spots also tend to emanate great heat since they’re where the blood vessels are the closest to the surface of your skin. The combination of body heat and your perfume are a great combination for a long-lasting powerful scent all day long.

3. Apply perfume after your shower. (Always apply at pulse points.)

Whether you’re a morning person or appreciate an evening shower, don’t forget to add perfume into your after-shower routine. Applying your favorite scent directly after drying off from a shower means that there are less of your own skin oils to interfere with the perfume. This tip also allows the perfume to really sink into the pulse points of your skin because perfume adheres best to the skin when it is slightly wet, which is another great reason to apply your perfume directly after showering. Even if you take a shower at night, apply your perfume and then sleep on it. You can add another spritz in the morning for a touch up, but the initial scent would’ve sunk into the skin throughout the night enough to enhance your scent throughout your day.

4. Avoid rubbing perfume into the skin

Most of us were taught to gently rub a scent into the skin after you’ve sprayed it on. However, doing so can actually change the notes of the scent and can even “crush” the scent, making it not as powerful as it has the potential to be. The best way to make a scent last is to allow it adequate time to sink into your skin before rubbing it against clothing. Try applying your fragrance before your makeup routine, letting it sink in for 10 minutes should be adequate time to really let the scent pop.

5. Add a spritz of perfume to your hair

Of course, hair tends to grab a hold of any scent it comes in contact with. This is the same for great smelling perfumes. There is just something about adding a seductive and alluring scent to the strands of your hair, it’s mysterious and inviting all at the same time. Surprisingly, spraying perfume on hair can last incredibly long and gives off a fuller scent than when applied on the skin. Remember, perfume can carry alcohol in it so a light spritz to the hair will be enough to hold a scent but not over dry your strands.

6. Layer multiple products that are the same scent

Perfume retailers certainly know what they’re doing and know how to make you spend more money! However, there are definitely benefits to buying the entire fragrance kit (body wash, lotion, and perfume) at a department store beauty counter. By layering multiple products of the same scent upon the skin, you’re not only strengthening the scent’s power but also lengthening the life of the fragrance. This works especially well when you use body wash in the same scent, immediately apply the scented lotion to your pulse points, then lightly mist those pulse points with the same perfume fragrance. This tri-layer routine will allow you to really carry your fragrance throughout the day and create your signature scent.


Where to Apply Perfume to Make it Last Longer

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