Women, do you think your date would rather you smell like chocolate soufflé or a bouquet of roses? Men, do you think drugstore cologne or powerful deodorant will win over your lady? Well, it seems that women would prefer their men to smell sophisticated and clean while men would prefer their date not smell like a dessert platter.

Here is a guide of three of the best perfumes for women and three of the best colognes for men—scents that will take you through a first date and land you a second one.

Perfumes Men Can’t Resist

Vanilla + Musk

1. Skin Eau De Parfum Spray for Women by Clean

Notes: vanilla, white musk, amber wood, blue rose petals, lotus blossom, and honeydew

perfume for girls

Enticing, fresh, pure, and clean. Sometimes, there is nothing sexier than simplicity. This alluring fragrance captures the delicate and delicious scent of a woman’s bare skin. More than anything, men are drawn to the natural woman, no frills and unnecessary additions. This vanilla and musk scent evokes that same type of natural air that men often crave.
And women, there’s nothing like confidence that exudes from simply being in your own skin—and when you feel that good, he will surely notice. Skin by Clean is a light eau de parfum that won’t overpower the senses, the last thing you want him to be doing is sneezing throughout your date.
So, if you’re a simple gal with a bit of sexy edge, consider spritzing this parfum on for your first date to communicate comfort, confidence, and that you’re not the high-maintenance type after all.

Fruity Luxury

2. Body by Burberry

Notes: freesia, peach, absinthe, vanilla, woody cashmere, amber, and musk

women's perfume

When wrapped around a woman, the signature Burberry trench coat is the ultimate style statement that communicates sensuality, femininity, and luxury. Similar to its trench coat counterpart, Body by Burberry is a luscious blend of fruit-filled notes that create a scent that signifies effortless seduction and romance. This fragrance, once worn, opens with a fresh and unique scent of absinthe—making your date all the more adventurous and fun. Then, elegance emerges through this fragrance’s natural rose and iris notes—at this point, there is no doubt that he won’t be able to resist you.

Overall, if you’re searching for a scent that evokes the idea that you’re a sophisticated woman who is in touch with her sensuality, then this may be the scent for you. It’s subtle, luxurious, and so enticing. He’ll be begging for a second date.

Florals + Dessert

3. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

Notes: white floral, caramel, vanilla, citrus, and fruit

viva la juicy parfum

This luscious fragrance certainly lives up to its vivacious name. It’s chic and modern yet also has a oh-so playful twist. If you’re looking for a sweet scent that will pair with your bright yet tantalizing personality, then you’re in for a treat with Viva La Juicy. This caramel and citrus scent is an unexpected fragrance for the senses, but evokes a perfectly playful charm. Fittingly, this bottle comes attached with a heart-shaped charm. Maybe it’s your heart you’ll be giving away on your first date if all goes well.

Overall, this decadent scent captures the sweet smell of caramel while balancing it out with soft floral notes. This combination certainly tantalizes the senses and will certainly capture your date’s attention. Spritz on a few pumps of this juicy scent and watch him fall for you, one breath at a time.

Colognes that Make Women Crazy

Lime, Greens + Woods

1. Lacoste Live by Lacoste for men


Notes: lime, saffron, green leaves, licorice, sandalwood, guaiac wood.

lacoste perfumeThis clean and nature-inspired scent will leave you feeling energetic and invigorating, your date will wonder what they put in your drink! The Lacoste Live cologne will certainly make you feel alive, cool, and calm. Your date will be intrigued by your natural ease with conversation and your ability to keep the energy throughout your date alive. This is a fragrance that can’t do wonders to boost your personality and actually make a dull night a great one.

The Lacoste Live fragrance pulses with energy and will be the perfect scent if your date loves high-energy environments and adventure. Take through an adventure of a lifetime by wearing Live and allowing it to influence the energy throughout the night.

Citrus + Sage

2. Versace Man

Notes: lemon, carambola, rosewood, tarragon, musk, and sage

versace parfum for men

This Versace cologne is tried and true class, just as this name brand has always been. This sophisticated scent will communicate to your date that you’re serious about the night and are confident in sparking a new relationship. Plus, this Versace cologne is made out of only the finest ingredients, meaning your date will be doubly impressed with your luxurious taste and great sense of cologne. Truly, you’ll smell like a man that knows what he wants and takes charge—a simple kind of confidence that makes women swoon. The best part is this cologne can transition you from daytime to night, it’s perfect for so many occasions but will be your best ally during a first date.

Tobacco + Nature

3. Guilty by Gucci for men

Notes: cypress, Calone, violet, bergamot, sweet tobacco, amber, black pepper, jasmine,  patchouli, cedar wood, amyris

cologne for men by guccy

The Guilty by Gucci by fragrance will not disappoint the senses or the wallet. This inexpensive yet amazingly alluring cologne is recommended for a casual first date. The essence of tobacco and violet communicates to your date that you are a guys’ guy, but have a softer side as well. Though this cologne rings up on the inexpensive side of designer colognes, it still hold the same quality and essence of all Gucci-made products.

If you want to let her know of your strength, charisma, and drive, then this cologne is the one for you. To balance the strength of this scent, there is also an essence of seduction with a provocative edge. Not only will this scent pull your date in, but it will leave her wondering what other mysterious characteristics you have hiding behind that manly fragrance.

First Date Perfumes for Men and Women

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