As women we like to feel fresh, clean and our best at all times, floral fragrances are known famously for maintaining our ability to feel feminine and beautiful with just a few splashes of some citrus, berry or lightly musky scents. The great thing about the scents below is that these are not too flowery or sweet to overbear your senses, as they contain the perfect balance of aromas to keep everyone asking what you are wearing. The perfect mixes, normally the hardest to find, are the ones that breathe life back into your skin and endure your various activities throughout your busy day. We will take a look at the 5 best floral perfumes for women and see if your favorites made the list.

Top 5 Best Floral Based Perfumes

daisy flower perfumeDaisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy, by Marc Jacobs, is one of the most favored floral perfumes for women because of its lightly flirtatious and feminine scent that promises to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. Once you stop obsessing over the stunning and gorgeous daisy design, the scent reveals itself as a flowery fragrance containing hints of wild berry, violet petals, gardenia and jasmine. Daisy is for girls that enjoy smelling more on the botanical and sweet side as compared to the dark and harsh musky scents and is perfect for an everyday wear. Awarded the Fragrance of the Year in 2008, this assortment of natural sweetness will bloom timelessly among all floral perfumes.

Wild strawberry, Violet Petals, Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla, White Woods, Red Ruby Grapefruit

Brilliant, Sweet, Charming, Glamorous

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the best floral perfumeRomance by Ralph Lauren

By combining rose, marigold, freesia, and ginger, Ralph Lauren has truly seized what it would be like to smell like an actual flower. This lovely and lasting fragrance reminds us of what it feels like to be romanced all over again as this dangerously charming scent takes our senses on a ride. Ralph Lauren is famously known for being a classy and elegant brand for everyday people and Romance is just that, classy and elegant, but still simple. With accents of wood, the musk in this perfume gives off a pungent and understood aroma as the perfect blend that does not come off too strong but lasts all day. The subtle sexiness that Romance gives off will make you feel like a strong and confident woman and is sure to set the mood for special occasions with the one you love.

Marigold, Freesia, Ginger, Lotus Flower, Day Lily, Sungoddess Rose, Oakmoss, White Violet, Musk

Sexy, Special, Romance, Seductive, Sensual

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poppy flower based fragrancePoppy Flower by Coach

Coach has dramatically achieved the long lasting wish with Poppy Flower; if you are looking for something that is not too strong but definitely leaves a sweet smelling impression, Poppy flower is for you. Not only does it contain flowery ingredients to give off a succulent aroma that does not overpower you, but the pink water lily extracts combined with jasmine petals give the scent a serene and subtle essence that you won’t find in many other perfumes. The simple and fresh smell is also perfect for post workout when you want to feel clean and pretty again after sweating out all of those toxins. Poppy flower blossoms as an everyday perfume that is flexible and functional, sexy and chic; the beautiful bottle is also a bonus that makes for a great added accent in your room.

Citrus, Pink Water Lily, Jasmine Petals, Mandarin, Rose Petals, Cedar Wood, Bleached Sandalwood, Vanilla, Whipped Marshmallow, Baby Freesia Buds, Cucumber Flower Petals, Southern Gardenia, Rose Petals, Crème Brulee Accord

Flirtatious, Freeing, Sweet, Sexy, Fun

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bvlgari floral perfumeOmnia Amethyste by Bvlgari

This divine perfume by Bvlgari captures the ever so gentle and lovely scent of iris, mixed with some Bulgarian rosebud with soft notes of green sap and pink grapefruit. This perfect blend gives off a distinct and unique scent that is humbly elegant and is perfect for an everyday scent to call your own. The chic and modern shaped bottle gives Omnia the exclusive feel that it is no ordinary fragrance and really is quite affordable. Despite the price, this scent is said to last with you all day and you will smell just as fresh as the minute you put it on.

Bulgarian Rosebud, Pink Grapefruit, Green Sap, Iris Flower, Heliotrope, Solar Wood

Elegant, Chic, Alluring

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dolce gabbana perfume flowerRose the One by Dolce & Gabbana

Rose the One is the ultimate combination of flowery components that will capture your femininity with floral, citrus and musky tones. This perfume contains amber, light musk, plum and Madonna lily notes, as well as peony, Bulgarian rose and even peach! This idyllic blend is sure to make you feel as radiant as a real flower and is guaranteed to keep you feeling this way during the day or night. Rose is just flowery enough to not smell outdated or aged and the hints of peony really bring out the sophisticated, pungent aroma as well the peach and delectable plum to give it the sweet, innocent feeling when it graces your skin. Not only is Rose breezy and fresh, but the hint of vanilla adds a warm and sensual feel to an already lovely scent, making it an all- around polished fragrance that has everything you will need. This is definitely one of the most popular and best floral perfumes because of the genius mixture of pretty and pure ingredients that make it smell so heavenly and truly like a flourishing flower.

Amber, Musk, Plum, Madonna Lily, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla, Muguet, Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Ambrette Seed, Peony, Mandarin, Plum

Sexy, Feminine, Flirtatious, Sensual, Bright

If you like to feel flirty, fun, sexy and sophisticated, floral is your style of fragrance. Ranging from thousands of flowery scents to choose from it is easy to decide which aroma fits your personality and attracts you the most. Not only can perfumes match your personality as an everyday scent but having an assortment of some to match your mood is even as well. These top rated floral perfumes promise to make you feel sexy and refined and you will love the way you smell.

Top 5 Best Floral Perfumes

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