Versace is easily one of the most famous design houses in the world. After debuting their first fashion line in 1978, the world was bitten by the Versace bug. The brand has become so sprawling that they have ventured into the world of perfumes, and have had resounding success in this arena. After all, nothing says luxury and sumptuousness quite like Versace’s signature Medusa seal. When you see a perfume box with this insignia, you know you’re about to have a scent-sual experience. However, some Versace perfumes stand out among the rest. Here are the top five best Versace perfumes on the market:

best versace perfumeVersace Bright Crystal

Versace’s Bright Crystal was released in 2006 and has been considered one of Versace’s best perfumes ever since. Upon first spray, this fragrance announces itself with lovely iced accord scents, followed by the floral notes of magnolia and lotus flower. Pomegranate gives the scent a little flirty flair, while light undertones of musk and amber promise something more sensual underneath. This scent sits lightly on the skin and is fantastic for daily wear, even at the office.

Though it lacks the heaviness of other perfumes, Bright Crystal is anything but boring! Bright Crystal’s presentation matches the scent perfectly: The base bottle is well-shaped, topped with a large, sparkling crystal. The perfume itself is a light, translucent pink – reflecting the airy femininity of the scent. This is one of Versace’s most popular scents because it brings out the girlyness in all of us, while still retaining a sense of elegance and dignity.

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versace diamond perfumeVersace Yellow Diamond

Released in 2011, Yellow Diamond is one of the latest additions to Versace’s popular perfume “Crystals” line. This airy fragrance has been named one of the best Versace perfumes – by both fragrance lovers and Versace fans alike — for its cleanliness and freshness. It is most suitable for daytime wear. Upon first spray, the aroma of lemon, mimosa, and pear notes wash over you. They add a wonderful tangy playfulness to the yellow florals and deeper woody notes. Out of all the crystal perfumes Versace has released, Yellow Diamond is the brightest and most luminous of them all.

The bottle is similar to other “Crystal” perfumes, with an elegant base topped by a large gem. The perfume is as yellow as its name, reflecting the youthful sweetness of the scent. Overall, Yellow Diamond is a breath of fresh air and the warmth of sunshine after a long winter. It is for the young and young at heart.

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Crystal Noir perfume by versaceVersace Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir has earned its spot as one of Versace’s best perfumes by emanating a sense of mystery and sex appeal. Unlike other sensual perfumes, Crystal Noir does not overwhelm you with strong musk or florals. Though this is one of Versace’s most popular perfumes, many fans find the exact appeal of the fragrance difficult to pinpoint. Perhaps it is the elegant gardenia that adds a sense of mystery, or the musk and amber that bolsters its undeniable sensuality. It could also be the undertone of coconut, which adds an exotic flair to the fragrance after the initial notes die down.

The perfume itself also has a creamy composition, making it a joy to wear on the skin. The bottle mirrors the scent’s sophisticated sexiness, with an elegant base bottle topped by a giant, smoky crystal. This perfume’s richness and inherent sensuality makes it a great fragrance to wear for special occasions and hot dates. Crystal Noir is for the irresistible woman that men want to undress and touch, but can’t without earning it.

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versace vanitas eau de perfumeVersace Vanitas

Versace’s Vanitas fragrance was released in 2011. “Vanitas” was a theme used by 18th century artists to remind viewers of life’s shortness. Much like life itself, this scent is light and flexible. The dominant floral aroma is energized by citrus notes, which make it smell crisp and fresh. The white floral undertones of this perfume keep it graceful and feminine, especially with the addition of the Tahitian tiare flower. Standing behind all of this is the quiet, earthy notes that anchor the other notes quite nicely and keep the florals from smelling too sweet.

It is packaged in an attractive, linear glass bottle and is a clean cream color. Vanitas has maintained its status as one of Versace’s best perfumes because of its approachable smell, elegant packaging, and durability. It maintains its original scent for up to 8 hours and then quiets into a lighter floral smell. Vanitas may be a floral scent, but it is certainly no old lady’s perfume. It is for the sophisticated woman, whose underplayed sensuality still radiates when she walks into a room.

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top 5 versace fragrancesVersace Versus

Named after the 1992 edition of the same name, Versus is one of Versace’s most popular scents exclusively because of its feminine roughness. It possesses an energetic composition that reflects its namesake. Though it can be worn for evening wear, Versus is the perfect scent for the morning — when you’re looking for a little boost — or in the summer time. This perfume has uniquely vibrant top notes, including lemon, star apple, and kumquat. These are built on a strong base of orange flower, musk, and patchouli. It is a distinct scent that radiates confidence, with just a touch of individuality and playful whimsy.

While the individual components of this perfume may be aggressive, they come together in a tasteful manner. The bottle is practical, but adds a little eccentric flair with its purple tint and round glass top. Versus is tailored for the driven woman who leaps over every challenge that life offers her, but still knows how to slow down and play around every now and again.

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The hype behind these scents is entirely deserved. Each fragrance fills its own niche. They are tailored to a specific woman, a specific time of day, a specific scenario, a specific mood — and that’s part of what makes them fabulous! Regardless, you can guarantee that luxuriousness that is synonymous with Versace. They are by far the best Versace perfumes on the market and are well worth purchasing. Be sure to reserve a spot on your vanity for one, two, or all of these amazing fragrances!

Top 5 Best Versace Perfumes

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